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the unschool

The Unschool is a series of alternative training formats focused on building skills of starting and developing sustainable projects and initiatives in complex environment as well as within organisations (intrapreneurship).


Collaboration Learning Lab

11.2016 | Cairo

Design and implementation of a 3-day laboratory exploring ways of cooperation between NGOs, companies and institutions in Egypt in the context of the complex and rapidly changing environment after the Revolution.

Partners: Misriyaty, Process Makers, Living Wholeness Institute

intrapreneurship training for salvis pharma ltd.

Design and conduct of a three-day training in internal entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship), engagement and planning in a complex environment for the employees of Salvis Pharma Ltd.


audit cafe

Design and implementation of two interactive events for the future of the profession of internal auditors based on the Open Space Technology

Partners: Bulgarian confederation of innovation, Audit Innovation Lab

Entrepreneurship in the emerging paradigm

 2014 - 2016 | Plovdiv

The project explores the practices and tools for the sustainability of social entrepreneurs through the exchange of good practices of entrepreneurs from 7 European countries. The findings were presented at an event in Plovdiv in September 2016.

Partners: Erasmus+, Symbiose Gemeinschaft, Web of Life, Holon, Resonanz Austria.


the art of leading through our ideas and craft

10.2015 | Plovdiv

The forum gathered entrepreneurs in the artistic neighborhood Kapana in Plovdiv and aimed to connect the creativity of the artists with the skills necessary to lead a successful business.

Partners: Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019


strategic meetings for Parents association

Design and hosting of a series of strategic meetings for rethinking the mission and vision of the organization and for redesigning the roles of the team.

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Building up/with Community workshop

Design and leading a discussion (World Cafe) within the international workshop for the transformation of the marginalized neighborhood Stolipinovo in Plovdiv.

Partners: Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019

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Senior Entrepreneurs: Best practices exchange laboratory

06.2015 – 10.2016 | London, Barcelona

Design and implementation of two 2-day laboratories for exchange of best practices between representatives of state institutions, SMEs and civil society organizations organized by EASME, European Commission.

Partners: EASME, European Commission; Positive Development; Process Makers

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international Art of Hosting trainings

 05.2013 и 06.2014 | Bulgaria

Planning, organizing and carrying out the first two international training on the Art of Hosting methods in Bulgaria.

Partners:  leading international practitioners: Maria Scordialos, Mary-Alice Arthur, Marc Levitte, Marjeta Novak, Ria Baeck, Odysseas Valentzas and others.


sustainable business trainings

A series of training in Plovdiv,  based on The Natural Step methodology for small and medium businesses. The training is focused on the practical implementation of the framework on real cases of the participants.



2014-2016 | Cairo

Designing and leading a series of workshops with the team of the organization, entrepreneurs, and partners as well as individual discussions and interviews in order to improve the internal processes of the organization and to design a new model of incubation.

Partner: Nahdet el Mahrousa