Effective Work Meetings - the First Step Towards a New Organisational Culture

programme for business teams

  • HOW much time and resources does your organisation waste for each inefective meeting of 5 people? 

  • How many of your meetings make people engaged and actively participating with ideas and suggestions? 

  • How many meetings result in concrete next steps and new solutions? 


Managers spent on average 40 to 50% of their time in meetings - for planning, evaluation, organisational and strategic. 

Is it possible not only to optimise the effectiveness and results from such meetings, but also for participants to come out with a sense of contribution, ownership and new ideas?


What is easier, more effective and cheaper way to start transforming your culture than changing the way you organise and run meetings? 

If you would like to...

  • Make meetings a space for authentic communication, creativity, new ideas and taking personal responsibility... 

  • Engage your colleagues and unlock the potential of everyone to take part... 

  • Get concrete results, clarity and attractive next steps after every meeting... 

  • Organise and attend meetings that are the most inspirational part of your job... 

start the bigger transformation of your team and the organisation from the small steps! 


This is a programme aimed at team leaders of any level who want to gain skills for working with groups and preparation of truly effective meetings. Through practical examples and case studies from participants themselves, we present key principles that turn any meeting, whether of 3 or 300 participants, in a catalyst for better relationships and sustainable results. 

Even BEFORE the meetings, your team will learn to...

  • ask good questions that encourage participation

  • design engaging meeting agendas 

DURING meetings your team will be able to...

  • apply easy and effective methods to stimulate participation from everyone

  • provoke creativity and new ideas


AFTER the meetings your team will have...

  • clear and concrete next stepsясни и конкретни следващи стъпки

  • sense of collaboration and teamwork 


what's in the programme? 

  • Needs analysis of the team/organisation

  • 1-day practical training with a selected team from the company (up to 15 participants)

  • Support materials and publications on the topic

  • Follow-up consultation (live or online) for preparation of upcoming meetings 

  • Follow-up meetings with the training group for sharing experience and challenges from the application of the methods 

  • Summary of results and recommendations for next steps for upgrading the skills of the team 



Anna Dimitrova and Anton Valkov are pioneers in Bulgaria in the application of the participatory methods and are practitioners in the international Art of Hosting network. They have diverse experience with designing and hosting regular team meetings for small teams, as well as formats with over 100 participants, that involve various stakeholders in long-term processes. 



The training expanded my view of the possibilities of each stage of organising a meeting. It gave me insights into the importance of preparation (intention & design) as well as the power of presence during the meeting itself.”

— Participants in the Effective Meetings training in Plovdiv, June 2017