How can we activate the collective intelligence and achieve better results?

Photo: Anastas Tarpanov, event of WWF Bulgaria

When working on strategic issues within the organisation or with partners, we need a process that allows conversations to happen in the best possible way. Practice shows that improving the quality of conversations dramatically improves the quality of the results. Having an external facilitator for key meetings contributes to better results and real engagement of the participants. The time we spend in meetings is extremely valuable and the potential losses from ineffective conversations can be great.

The quality of conversations defines the quality of results.

what types of meetings can we support


Strategic meetings of the team or the whole organization

  • New Ideas
  • Clear direction for action after the meeting
  • Focus on practical group work

Partner meetings of several organisations

  • Building a shared vision and action plan
  • Convergence of the way of working
  • Concrete solutions based on all points of view

Conferences and seminars

  • Changing the traditional lecture format
  • Real engagement of all participants
  • Conditions for mutual learning and sharing

Number of participants

Our methods work with 3 as well as 300 participants.



Our team applies methods tested in large corporations, the European Commission, public initiatives and projects. They create space for conversation where everyone participates in the best way and that unlocks the potential of collective intelligence and authentic cooperation.


additional services



I have been working with Anna and Anton for a long time, successfully applying the Art of Hosting methods both in business organisations (CEZ) and in the NGO sector (Electric vehicles industrial cluster). Together we created a co-creative space which enabled us to create a unique for Bulgaria educational model in the field of electromobility that connects 8 technical schools, 3 universities, industrial enterprises and the Bulgarian chamber of commerce. The model is working and developing in a sustainable way, which proves the positive result of their work.
— Stefan Apostolov, member of the Board, Electromobility Industrial Cluster
I highly recommend the training to anyone who organises meetings often and who values their time.
— Participant in the "Effective working meetings" workshop, Plovdiv, June 2017

Examples of our work