participatory leadership training

Sofia, Bulgaria | 2-4 June 2017


  • Are you looking to work in a way that has deeper meaning for you? Work that makes a difference in the world, is personally fulfilling and financially sustainable.

  • Is your organisation facing change and in need of a new way forward?

  • Are you wishing to collaborate and be more interconnected? To scale up your ideas and your work in the world?

Then this training is for you!

How do we do more collaborative and meaningful work

so that our organisations, projects and communities can thrive?

There is no time like now. We’re living in an increasingly changing, complex and unpredictable world. While uncertainty grows, pressure for immediate results seеms to increase, overwhelming and disconnecting people, increasing turnover and compromising the long term sustainability of our collective efforts. At the same time many of us are feeling the call to do work that makes a difference, work that is meaningful, fulfilling and that we can make a living from. However, stepping into this takes courage and involves risk.

Our team is seeking new ways of working more collaboratively in authentic partnership. We have designed this training to offer some new approaches and perspectives on finding and sustaining meaningful work that makes a difference to our communities, our teams, our organisations, our country and our planet.

The Art of Hosting training opened my eyes to the possibilities and power that can be harnessed when a space for honest, open dialogue is created.
— Art of Hosting participant

what to expect?

  • Theory, methods and practical tools that can help you to create work which is meaningful for you, your stakeholders and the whole ecosystem.

  • Laboratory for practicing collaboration where you can bring your ideas, projects and challenges to work on, co create with others and to find ways to apply the learning in your own contexts after the training.

  • A space for meeting people with similar values and ideas and learning from their stories and experiences.

what is participatory leadership?

Participatory Leadership (also known as Art of Hosting) is a practice based on methods and mental models that together create the right conditions for all the ideas, opinions and skills of a group of people to emerge in a creative way, especially when new solutions are needed. It is the outcome of a 15-year process aiming at the development of its theoretical base as well as its practical application worldwide –and it is offered by an international network of practitioners and consultants. Participatory Leadership is based on self-organization principles, participation and non-linear solutions with an emphasis on individual and collective progress.

*Art of Hosting Sofia is part of the international Art of Hosting network and offers  Art of Hosting/Participatory Leadership trainings in Bulgaria (in collaboration with international colleagues/practitioners).

Тhis is the best training I’ve had in the 20 years I have worked in the European Commission
— Senior manager in the European Commission

The team

Your hosting team is a group of experienced trainers and entrepreneurs working in participation theory and practice worldwide who are themselves inquiring and experimenting with creating meaningful work through collaboration.

Some examples of our recent work include:

  • Working with corporations, non-profit organisations and governmental institutions to help them create shared visions for strategic development;

  • Designing and leading long-term participatory processes with various stakeholders;

  • Creating our own organisations that represent our values of meaningful work and impact.

Some of the organisations we have recently worked with are: CEZ, European Commission, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, WWF, Municipality of Athens, Bulgarian Association for People Management, Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019, Bosch Foundation, Salvis Pharma Ltd.